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Sustainability news: ways to protect and conserve groundwater

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North Central College supports and encourages core sustainability values and actions in all aspects of campus life. Protect Your Groundwater Day on Tuesday, Sept. 11, is an annual recognition day promoted by the National Ground Water Association.

Sustainability Coordinator Brittany Graham says groundwater protection can be broken down into two categories—protection and conservation—and we can each take positive action in both areas.

First, we can protect groundwater from contamination by storing household hazardous waste (HHW) in a safe place and disposing of it properly at a HHW collection site. Naperville has one drop-off location at Fire Station #4, 1971 Brookdale Road.

Second, we can help conserve groundwater by not wasting it and using these conservation tips at home:
•    Wash laundry with full loads
•    Don’t wash your car at home, go to a car wash
•    Check your toilets for leaks
•    Water your lawn, not the sidewalks, driveway and street
•    Water in the morning or evening
•    Don’t use the garbage disposal
•    Shorten your shower, use a shower timer
•    Install a rain barrel and use it  
•    Turn off the water when you shave
•    Read more tips at
In addition, you can check your water footprint at