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Students present their summer research to the campus

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For the past six weeks, 37 students and 15 faculty have participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Colloquium (SURC) conducting research that spans many majors and topics. Students presented their research to the campus community July 21 in a poster format in Kroehler Science Center. Nancy Peterson, professor of chemistry, noted research can be lonely and slow-going at times, so students and faculty involved in SURC meet weekly to collaborate and discuss their work. “Students meet in small groups and learn to explain and answer questions about their research to those who aren’t in their field and to researchers who are. And, at the end of the summer they get to present their posters to the campus. I know sometimes it can be a little frightening to put your work out there for scrutiny. But it’s great experience.” Student researchers included Jiyoung Ahn, Christian Allen, Jessika Bajorski, Brandi Balensiefen, Monica Bienias, Mallory Blanchard, Matthew Borchardt, Marlon Brown, Caila Byrd, Jennifer Ciesiulka, Kirsten Coffman, Laura Constantine, Michael Curtis, Katelyn DeRosa, Samantha DeWerff, Andrew Dubois, Rosemary Forg, Christopher Halverson, Shanon Hankin, Erin Hinckley, Brett Hulett, Sadie Jacob, Alex Jaczak, Alexander Johnson, Kate Lueders, Megan Malone, Cody McCullough, Nathaniel Meno, Michael Oberling, Amy Olson, Emilio Saraga, Cassandra Schneider, Alexis Smith, Megan Smith, Jessica VandenBerg, John Willis and Victoria Winslow. Faculty researchers included Jonathan Visick, Jeffrey Bjorklund, Karl Kelley, Rocky VanHorn, Nancy Peterson, Robert Moussetis, Paul Brandt, Paul Bloom, Christine Weihofer, Stephen Johnston, David Horner, Brian Hanlon, Jennifer Jackson, Stephen Maynard Caliendo and Thomas Sawyer. Photo: Samantha DeWerff and Andrew Dubois discuss their poster, titled “Phenotypic analyses of the effects of YAK1 on Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces bayanus in response to carbon and nitrogen sources,” with Jonathan Visick, associate professor of biology.