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Student publishes her own book of poetry

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Sociology and anthropology major Erin Turnquist ’11 has self-published a collection of 52 poems in her book titled Just Singing’ My Song. A Wheaton resident, Turnquist started writing in high school and was encouraged to pursue her creative gift by her English teacher, who also coached her in compiling her poetry into a book. “It has no central theme,” says Turnquist about her book, “and the individual poems are all over the place, touching on everyday things like writer’s block to more serious life challenges.” Bottom line, she says, her poetry is an outlet to express herself and a consequence of her love for singing. Turnquist has always loved to sing but admits she’s been a bit timid about expressing herself in front of others. Writing has become an outlet to pursue her creative gift. “Poetry is like music,” she says, “and is an emotion that must be expressed.” Her book Just Singin’ My Song is her voice. Turnquist chose to major in sociology and anthropology at North Central because, she explains, “I’m a people person and I love to learn about people. I get to study social work and the history of people and I look forward to where my studies lead me in the future.” Her book is published with Publish America, visit to order.