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Skurkis is curator and exhibitor of art show

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Barry Skurkis, associate professor of art, is curator and participant in a Chicago Society of Artists Members Exhibit at the Anderson Art Center in Kenosha, Wis., which runs through Oct. 24. He secured the work of 32 artists and 119 pieces of art, including three new works of his own. One is an acrylic painting titled “Pacific White-Sided Dolphin,” measuring 48 by 48 inches; the second is also an acrylic painting titled “Grampus Orca,” 30 by 36 inches; and the third is a steatite sculpture titled “Walrus II,” measuring 12 by 8 by 6 inches. He also included a historic component of block prints; one is a Downy Woodpecker and the other is a Northern Flicker. Both prints were published in the Chicago Society of Artists 2011 calendar.