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SGA gets hands dirty in dining hall waste audit

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Members of the Student Governing Association (SGA) will be getting their hands dirty next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 22-24, in Kaufman Dining Hall while performing a food waste audit during meal times. They’ll be stationed in the plate return area of the dining hall to help scrape plates and communicate information about a composting program to other students. The food waste they gather will be weighed and the data used to advance the possibility of composting the College’s food waste. During those three days all the food waste from Kaufman will be composted.  

SGA is also sponsoring a “guess our waste” competition with the winner walking away with a downtown Naperville gift card. Students can place their guesses in Kaufman throughout the three days; ask any SGA representative if you have questions.

Why, you might ask, does the College want to compost food waste? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, nearly a quarter of landfill waste could be composted. The College wants to do its part in preserving current landfill space and reducing the need for more landfills by composting waste from the dining hall. North Central is partnering with the company Compost Supply, which will use the food waste to create compost and soil for rooftop gardens.