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Record number of study abroad courses during 2010 D-Term

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Students can choose from a record number of 10 programs that will visit 13 different countries during the College’s D-Term in December 2010. If you missed today's information session, the next one will be held Tuesday, April 13, in Goldspohn classrooms. The courses are available to all undergraduates, even first-year students in fall 2010 are eligible to enroll in some. New D-Term courses this year include studies in India, Turkey, Spain, Northern Ireland, Peru and Rome. Repeat offerings include Brazil, London and France. A study tour to Greece has been expanded to include Turkey, and a course that traces the Holocaust experience from Germany to Israel will include Poland this year. The courses cover such topics as history, politics, art, culture, language and architecture. Many of the two- and three-credit courses offered during D-Term fulfill the College’s requirement for intercultural study.