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Oesterle Library presents spring term exhibits, newsletter

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During spring term, North Central’s Oesterle Library will feature publications by faculty members, the history of Cornerstone Day and highlights of the College’s Sesquicentennial Celebration. The displays are showcased in the library’s lobby.

Community Publications
David Fisher, professor of philosophy.
•    “Law and Revenge Violence: From Saga to Modern Fiction” in Teaching Law and Literature, 2011.
•    “Is Phronesis Deinon? Ricoeur on Tragedy & Phronesis” in Gadamer and Ricoeur: Critical Horizons for Contemporary Hermeneutics, 2011.

Gerald Gems, professor of health and physical education. “Baseball, Invented Tradition, and Nationalistic Spirit” in Myths and Milestones in the History of Sport, 2011.

Philip Glende, visiting assistant professor of English. “Labor Makes the News: Newspapers, Journalism, and Organized Labor, 1933-1955” in Enterprise and Society, March 2012.

Foyer Bulletin Board
“150 Years: A Promising Start” features posters, brochures, articles, etc., highlighting every aspect of the College’s Sesquicentennial Celebration.

Theme Case
“Cornerstone Day: A North Central College Spring Celebration” is the third in a series of exhibits highlighting various aspects of the College’s history using materials from the Archives. It includes a visual montage with photographs and other memorabilia of North Central’s history from 1870 to the present time as commemorated at Cornerstone Days.

The spring edition of the library’s newsletter “Ex Libris” is accessible online at