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North Central College's library presents fall term exhibits

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During fall term, Oesterle Library will display exhibits in its lobby that highlight 9/11, Banned Books and Freedom of Speech weeks, Founders Day 11/11/11 and professional publications by writers in the College community. The dates and exhibit descriptions include:

Sept. 6-18:
“9/11/01 - 9/11/11 A Ten-Year Retrospective” features books from the library collection representing a variety of disciplines that address issues related to the terrorist attacks.

Sept. 19-Oct. 23:
“Caution! Some people consider these books dangerous”
This exhibit features books wrapped in brown paper bags with tags identifying the books and why they were banned or challenged. The exhibit marks Banned Books Week, which takes place Sept. 24-Oct. 1, and Freedom of Speech Week, Oct. 17-23. The speech communication department will present a Freedom of Speech display in the Oesterle Library Gallery Oct. 17-23.  

All fall term:
•    “Founders Day 11/11/11” focuses on Homecoming and is the first in a series of exhibits highlighting various aspects of the College’s history using materials from the College Archives.

•    Foyer Bulletin Board: “150 Years: A Promising Start” features posters, brochures, articles, etc., highlighting every aspect of North Central College’s Sesquicentennial Celebration.

•    Community Publications:
     o    Tom Gill, instructional media coordinator, Oesterle Library. Photographs in “Rustic Barns in Lakes Country,” Northern Indiana Lakes, September/October 2011
     o    Perry Hamalis, Cecelia Schneller Mueller Professor of Religion and director of academic opportunities. “Bioethics,” “Death (and Funeral),” “Ethics,” “War,” in  Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, 2011
     o    Zachary Jack, associate professor of English. “Let There Be Pebble: A Middle-Handicapper's Year in America's Garden of Golf,” 2011
     o    Ramona Wis, Mimi Roland Professor in the Fine Arts and professor of music. “Influence Changes Everything: How Conductors Can Shape Motivation, Create Momentum, and Reframe the Musical Experience,” in Choral Journal, March 2011

To read the fall term library newsletter “EX LIBRIS: From the Library,” visit