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New five-year bachelor’s/master’s degree in leadership

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North Central is offering a new option to earn both a bachelor’s degree—in any discipline—and a master of leadership studies degree in just five years with the completion of 141 credit hours. North Central’s master of leadership studies degree offers four areas of concentration: higher education leadership, professional leadership, social entrepreneurship and sports leadership.

“You’re effectively getting a full year of graduate school for free. You get out in five years with a pair of degrees, giving you a tremendous competitive advantage,” says Thomas D. Cavenagh, Schneller Sisters Professor of Leadership, Ethics and Values, coordinator of the master of leadership studies program and professor of business law and conflict resolution. “This is a great way to prepare for a professional terminal degree—a law degree or a Ph.D.—because you’ve demonstrated a capacity to do graduate work,” Cavenagh says. It’s also an opportunity to prepare for careers in higher education and other fields. More