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Library receives grant to complete book collection on Japan

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[caption id="attachment_1353" align="alignright" width="100" caption="Sample book from the collection"][/caption] Oesterle Library was awarded 60 books from the Nippon Foundation's grant, 100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan. The library already owns 40 of the titles on the project list. Acquiring the remaining 60 titles completed this unique core collection on Japan. The 60 new titles are currently shelved in the New Book Display in the Reference Room and available for checkout. Also, all 100 titles are listed by division and with links to the online catalog records in the research guide “Understanding Contemporary Japan,” linked from the featured content box at the bottom of the library homepage. The Nippon Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, grant-making organization founded in 1962. It supports projects in Japan and overseas and funds activities in three areas: domestic social welfare and volunteer support, maritime research and development, and overseas cooperative assistance. Through conducting these overseas activities, the Foundation has become aware that in many countries there's a lack of understanding of the true face of contemporary Japan. To facilitate understanding of Japan overseas, the Foundation produced a catalog detailing 100 carefully selected books that provide information on contemporary Japan in the English language, and began donating these books to libraries with an interest in Japan. The titles received include
  • Constructing Civil Society in Japan: Voices of Environmental Movements
  • Securing Japan: Tokyo's Grand Strategy and the Future of East Asia
  • Japan's Financial Crisis: Institutional Rigidity and Reluctant Change
  • Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the U.S.
  • Loving the Machine: The Art and Science of Japanese Robots
  • Five Modern Japanese Novelists
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