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Green Cleaning system gives new life to old things

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This fall North Central College announced it was shifting to a Green Cleaning system. This change brought not only new cleaning products that use fewer chemicals, but also new dispensers to accommodate eco-friendly products. All old cleaning products and dispensers around campus were removed and replaced with new greener products and dispensers.

The purpose of switching to this new green way of cleaning is to reduce the impact the College has on the environment. However, removal of the old dispensers created a new problem: what could be done with all the discarded dispensers? Letting them go to waste was not a positive message or solution.

Because most of the dispensers were in good condition and could be reused, they were donated to the Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Aurora. The mission of ReStore is to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity by selling donated building materials, furniture and gently used items needed to build, repair or improve a home.

The College’s old dispensers are being given new life and new purpose.