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France, Guatemala are destinations for D-Term

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[caption id="attachment_1034" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Sara Lovell '09 picks coffee in Guatemala"][/caption] Two more academic trips are planned during D-Term: one is a course about the history of France and one focuses on building business relationships with farmers and artisans. •    France, Dec. 1-20: Nineteen students are enrolled in “Journey through the History of France,” with Norval Bard, associate professor of French, chair of modern and classical languages and director of the Roberta I. Myers Language Resource Center; and Blanca Miller, assistant to the director of the Office of Academic Opportunities, en route to France. •    Guatemala, Dec. 1-15: Seven students and Matthew Krystal, assistant professor of anthropology, and Jerry Thalmann, associate professor and chair of accounting, will travel to Guatemala as part of their project work with Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE). They will continue their business relationships with the farmers and artisans and learn more about the producers and processes for getting products to market. Photo: Sara Lovell ’09 picks coffee in Guatemala during a previous trip to that country as part of a SIFE project to help farmers sell their coffee.
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