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Four Habitat for Humanity teams eager to serve during spring break

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During North Central’s spring break, nearly 80 students and staff members are traveling across the country and around the world to serve others. Among the eight trips are four Habitat for Humanity projects. The largest Habitat trip includes 19 student-athletes, representing eight sports, and four staff members. They will travel to Starkville, Miss., to build a house for a family of 10 that was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Members include Joe Antonacci ’11, Kelly Ator ’11, Jon Biancardi ’10, Cowan Brown ’10, Josh Delancy ’10, Jamie Drodz ’12, Victor Hernandez, Shelly Lazowski ’12, Micah Melendrez ’10, Steve Motsinger ’11, Joe Norton ’10, Stephanie Ryding ’10, Jessica Struthers ’10, Colleen Oakes ’11 and Andrew Zobac ’12. The four staff are Kellen Wells-Mangold, secretary, Office of Athletics and Health and Physical Education; Megan Nation, graduate assistant volleyball coach; Karl Bratland, assistant wrestling coach; Shawna Jansen, graduate assistant men’s and women’s tennis, women’s golf. Another 10 volunteers will travel to New Rochelle, N.Y., to also build and repair homes. They include Lindsey Geshiwlm ’10, Emily Vose ’10, Lauren Wallem ’11, Katie Aufdererheide ’11, Katie Braun ’11, Stephanie Thompson ’11, Brionna Givens ’12, Jessica Kapfhammer ’11 and Ashanna McBride ’13. Whitney Roberts, assistant director of ministry and service, is the staff member. Ten students and staff are heading to Green County, Ga. Members include Jenna Slack ’12, Kristen Zuro ’10, Stephanie Holste ’13, Sarah Henry ’13, Michelle Jacobs ’11, Lauren Brightmore ’11, Katherine Logan ’10, Kacie Greer ’13 and Kaitlyn Greer ’13. The staff person is Kim Voiles, graduate assistant women’s basketball coach. The fourth Habitat trip will take 10 volunteers to Pensacola, Fla. The team includes Taylar Proctor ’11, Emily Albright ’10, Dorothy Tran ’10, Rebecca Tran ’11, Rachael Hancz ’12, Alex Diller ’11, Scott Oltman ’10, Jenny Orlando ’12 and Justein Henry ’12, with staff member Chad Pedigo, box office manager. With the exception of the student-athlete trip to Mississippi, all spring break trips are coordinated by the Office of Ministry and Service. Photo: North Central students working with Habitat in a previous year.