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Forensics takes No. 8 in its Sweeps at national tournament

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North Central’s forensics team took part in the 2010 National Forensic Association (NFA) national tournament April 15-19 at Ohio University and finished in the top 10, at No. 8 in the President’s I Team Sweeps. Some 100 colleges and universities participated in the national championship tournament, which gave awards in 10 individual events and Lincoln-Douglas debate. Team awards are given in several divisions, based on the entry size of each school. The President’s I Team Sweeps division this year included schools that entered at least 24, but no more than 44, student entry slots into the tournament. North Central was represented by eight students performing a total of 37 entries (each of which the students had to qualify to enter through succeeding at previous tournaments during the regular competitive season, September through April). Two students reached the National Quarter-Final rounds in their respective events and were among the top 24 students in the nation. Nicole Autry ’11 was a Quarter-Finalist in Impromptu Speaking, where students deliver impromptu speeches on assigned topics. Heather Zupancic ’11 was a Quarter-Finalist in Rhetorical Criticism, delivering a speech she wrote on the communication practices of the Save My Starving Children charity organization. Other students attending the tournament and contributing to the team’s Sweepstakes award were Kacy Abeln ’10, Greg Voegtle ’11, William Miller ’12, David Depino ’12,  Jacey Keeney ’13 and Heather Motz ’13.