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Football FCA offers unique fellowship opportunities for players

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From the moment Gary Ireland was named North Central’s dean of students in 2002, he wanted to make an impact. Little did he know, he would get a great opportunity right away with the football team.  

“Through a series of events, I was asked to join a Bible study my first month here,” says Ireland. “Guys were meeting as a Bible study group, and it just developed from there.” What developed is known today as “Football FCA,” a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) group started by football players, for football players.

The initial group of five or six football players was interested in having a Bible study with their teammates, so they began meeting once a week to explore their faith. Ireland was happy to step up and be the unofficial mentor. “It wasn’t an official FCA at the time,” he says. “The name Football FCA just happened over time.”

And, over time, more and more people came to the meetings. Click here to read the entire story.