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Dyson Wellness Center news, improvements

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Several changes will take place at the Dyson Wellness Center (DWC) in coming months to allow the center to provide more comprehensive and integrated care in the years ahead.

DWC Director Sally Carpenter has completed requirements to become an advanced practice nurse or nurse practitioner. Carpenter’s position will change to reflect her new credentials. She will spend half her time providing clinical care in the center and half her time co-directing the Wellness Center. Tatiana Sifri, current director of counseling at DWC, has been promoted and will serve as co-director of the center.  

Current full-time nurse Becca Nowak has been promoted to head nurse and will supervise part-time nurses at the center.
As an advanced practice nurse, Carpenter will be able to provide primary care at the DWC, mirroring the care currently provided by the center’s doctors. She is now able to examine, diagnose, treat, prescribe and teach and will be available 20 hours per week by appointment to provide care to faculty, staff and students. The center will continue to have doctor coverage four hours per week when school is in session. Essentially, the center improves from eight hours per week of primary care coverage to 24 hours per week.  
In the past year the DWC has seen a marked increase in demand for health and counseling services.  Most notably, during winter 2011 faculty and staff usage of health services doubled in comparison to winter 2010. As a result, new positions are being added to the DWC team. A part-time counselor and a quarter-time nurse will both be hired in the coming months. Additionally, the DWC will take on a graduate assistant who will work on health education and outreach.  

DWC is located on the second floor of Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium (photo, right). Health care services are provided by a physician or a nurse and are available by appointment by calling 630-637-5550 or extension 5553. There is no charge to see a health care provider. Visit to learn more.