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College puts used food oil to good use

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As part of its sustainability efforts, the College recently signed a contract with Darling International, Inc. to serve as its used fuel oil and grease waste hauler. Used oil from fryers in both Kaufman Dining Hall and The Cage will be used in making “green” diesel and bioplastics.

Green diesel has the same eco-friendly benefits of biodiesel, with a chemical makeup allowing it to be sent through pipelines, which biodiesel is unable to do. This attribute can make green diesel easier to transport and allows for more convenient consumer access. In addition, the company will clean grease traps from the two kitchens twice a year, and those materials will be used to create heat for a dairy farm in Indiana. The dairy farm operates an anaerobic digester, which breaks down the material to generate energy—similar to how your stomach breaks down food for your body to use as energy.