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Carius cross country teams among best in Illinois history

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In the ESPN Rise story, titled “50 Years of College Cross Country in the State of Illinois: The 25 Best Men’s College/University Teams (1960-2010),” Head Men’s Cross Country Coach Al Carius and his teams rank five times among the top 25.

In the Dyestat IL review, Carius won the No. 2 spot when he earned his place in the U.S. Track & Cross Country Coaches Hall of Fame with his 13 cross country team titles. Ranked at No. 6 is Carius and the 2009 team that won the NCAA DIII title with just 50 points. Ranked at No. 9 is the 1982 DIII championship team with 51 points. At No. 15 is the 1978 team, scoring 60 points. And, at No. 21 is the 1987 squad with 67 points.