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Bethebird social media site engages admitted students

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In addition to using sites like Facebook and Twitter, North Central College has implemented two customized social media networks that take social media to a more targeted level. The College worked with a social media expert to create two sites—one specifically designed to engage admitted students and the other to provide information to their parents. The aim is to get students involved with the College and each other between the time they’re accepted to North Central and when classes begin. The student site,, encourages students to create a profile, post a picture, talk about themselves, join groups, participate in polls (e.g., What are you most excited about this fall?) and search for classmates with similar interests. Nearly one-fourth of students using the site found their roommates on the site and more than three-fourths of the first-year class became a member of bethebird. The parent site, added this past summer, is a place where the College can provide information on a number of different topics, events and activities, while parents also engage with other parents.