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150 Moments: President Henry H. Rassweiler, 1883-1888

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The second president of North Central College, Henry H. Rassweiler, was born in Orwigsburg, Pa., in 1842. In 1857, his family left Pennsylvania for Illinois, where Rassweiler began his teaching career at age 17.

He enrolled at Plainfield College in 1862 and continued to teach grammar school while pursuing his studies until he graduated in 1868 as the first student with a bachelor of science degree. Immediately after his graduation from North-Western College, he was appointed professor of mathematics and natural science.

In 1869, he became a founding member of the College’s Alumni Association and moved with the College to Naperville in 1870. Following the retirement of A.A. Smith in 1883, Rassweiler was named acting president and then president of North-Western College.

While he was well-liked by the students and Naperville citizens, a dispute in the Evangelical Association, which ultimately split the denomination, ended his position as president in 1888. He was dismissed by the board for his support of an Illinois amendment that would have required a major change in the composition of the trustees on the board.

Rassweiler remained in Naperville where he became one of the founding members of Grace Evangelical Church and opened an insurance business. He served on the Board of Trustees of the College for five years before he passed away in 1928.

Photo ca. 1883