North Central College - Naperville, IL

Strengthening church partnerships: Albright-Wesley Society

In an effort to strengthen the bonds between North Central College and United Methodist churches and advance a shared goal of developing new leaders in the Wesleyan tradition, the College has reestablished the Albright-Wesley Society.

Named to honor church founders Jacob Albright and John Wesley, the Albright-Wesley Society calls pastors and congregations to partner with North Central College in membership as the College celebrates its Sesquicentennial. Membership in the Albright-Wesley Society is similar to the vows of membership in the United Methodist Church and involves a commitment of prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness for North Central College.

Campus chaplain Rev. Dr. Lynn Pries ’67 is calling on pastors in the Northern Illinois and Wisconsin Conferences and inviting them and their congregations to pray for North Central College, engage in activities at the College, refer future students and support current students at the school, and to financially support the College’s United Methodist leadership programs.

To learn more about the Albright-Wesley Society or discuss ways you can partner with the College, contact Rev. Pries.
He may be reached by phone at 630-637-5104/work or 630-697-1942/cell and by email at

A brochure and website tell the stories of students and alumni who chose North Central College for its strong Wesleyan tradition and went on to serve in full-time ministry. To receive a brochure, contact Rev. Pries.