North Central College - Naperville, IL

Steve Barrett '02

Steve Barrett was featured in the Troop Talk column in the Beacon News in Aurora, IL, for his service during the Vietnam War. He was a U.S. Navy hospital corpsman serving with a Marine unit stationed in Da Nang, Vietnam. On March 30, 1971, news broke that the Viet Cong had bombed a train in a mountainous area resulting in 22 casualties. Barrett headed to a medevac helicopter with his crew and as they were coming in to pick up the victims, the enemy hit the helicopter with an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) and the helicopter went down. Shrapnel killed four Marines and Barrett suffered serious cuts and a broken back. After a 13-month tour he was sent back to the United States, where he met his wife in his native New Jersey and then traveled to San Diego to serve on board a ship docked on the coast. In early 1972, just two weeks before he was to be discharged from the Navy, Barrett received orders to report back to Vietnam. He boarded a ship and sailed as far as Pearl Harbor before being sent back to San Diego since he didn’t plan to re-enlist. He was discharged in April 1972 and decided to stay in Naperville. He landed a job with AT&T and joined the Navy Reserve just three months after being discharged and retired from the military in 1999 after 20 years of service. He is the assistant superintendent for the Veterans Assistance Commission of Kendall County in Yorkville, IL. He and his wife Lynne live in Oswego, IL, and have two children.

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