North Central College - Naperville, IL

Satyan Devadoss '93 Receives Alumnus Recognition Award


Satyan Devadoss ’93, a nationally recognized educator and mathematician, received the Alumnus Recognition Award for 2008. Visiting campus in October, he spoke to mathematics students about robot motion planning, derived from his extensive research in studying shapes and particle collisions.

Devadoss is associate professor of mathematics at Williams College in Williamstown, MA, where he has taught courses in computational geometry, geometric group theory and knot theory since 2002. His research has ranged from particle collisions and polyhedra in mathematics to origami design and cartography in computer science, to manufacturing and modeling in studio art. ”Looking back, I realize how much North Central College meant to me,” said Devadoss in a taped statement played at the Homecoming awards ceremony, which he was unable to attend. “It was an opportunity to meet life-long friends. . . and an opportunity to get a great education.” He added that his most memorable class wasn’t a math course but instead a philosophy course taught by David Fisher, professor of philosophy.

Devadoss received his doctorate in mathematics in 1999 from Johns Hopkins University, where he was awarded the University’s William Kelso Morrill Award for Excellence in Teaching. He was a Ross Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University and has received two National Science Foundation grants during his career. In 2007, Devadoss was awarded the Henry L. Alder Award for Distinguished Teaching by the Mathematical Association of America, which honors a college or university faculty member whose teaching has been extraordinarily successful and whose effectiveness in teaching undergraduate mathematics has proven influential beyond the classroom.

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