North Central College - Naperville, IL

Preparing for the Global Marketplace

North Central College today is fertile ground for collaborations across disciplines and experiments with curriculum, facilities design and technology. It adds up to better opportunities for student learning and liberal arts education relevant to the 21st century.

Doing business in a global marketplace takes academic preparation in subjects like language, global studies, multicultural communication, international relations and a host of other liberal arts topics.

North Central’s newest graduate degree, the Master of International Business Administration (MIBA), combines an international curriculum with a short-term study abroad requirement and traditional business courses. The degree answers a need for professionals who want to understand the complexities of international trade and economics as well as the related technological, social and ethical issues.

“Global business today requires an understanding of complex situations and cultures,” says Robert Moussetis, associate professor of international business (photo, right).

The best way to gain international experience is to go abroad, he says, and graduates with an academic background in international business and international experience become extremely attractive to corporations.

Moussetis points out that Chicago-based companies have 4,500 locations in more than 150 countries, and there are 2,900 daily flights from Chicago to more than 200 cities worldwide.

The new degree prepares students with majors in global studies and similar fields to find careers in the business world. The required study abroad experience can be fulfilled in December 2012 with a trip that focuses on the role of Greece in the southeast European Union. Future trips will include Costa Rica, China and United Arab Emirates. New courses encompass Globalization and the Manager, International Business Strategy and International Entrepreneurship. In addition, students must complete an international business project or internship.

“In short, the demand for international business professionals will continue to increase,” Moussetis adds. 

North Central NOW Spring 2012