North Central College - Naperville, IL

New offerings for science majors

Recent developments signal the College’s ongoing commitment to its science curriculum and career preparation with an eye toward construction of a new science center on campus.

Students will be able to pursue degrees in additional areas of study beginning fall 2011. They can complete a new major in the field of chemical microscopy, which involves the use of microscopes to solve chemical problems. Minors will be offered in bioinformatics—the application of statistics and computer sciences to the field of molecular biology—and neuroscience, the study of the nervous system.

Also new is the hiring of Marguerite Degenhardt as pre-professional health program coordinator, a first-ever position at North Central College. Degenhardt, an advanced practice nurse/neonatal nurse practitioner, was a former assistant professor at Rush University College of Nursing.

“My role is to work closely with students who are interested in careers in the health fields and provide resources to help them make informed decisions regarding pre-professional preparation,” she says.

Degenhardt’s counseling with students will include questions about why they are drawn to the health field, what type of experiences they will need for preparation, and how to select the right post-baccalaureate program, meet the prerequisites and make their applications as strong as possible.

“I’m encouraging students to stop by my office in the Kroehler Science Center, Room 208, to get to know me,” she says. “And I welcome alumni in the health fields to partner with us in preparing future health professionals.” She may be reached at