North Central College - Naperville, IL

On a Mission of Hope

Seven North Central students traveled to Haiti in December 2009 to work at an orphanage, school and medical center.

Little did they know that within a few weeks, they’d be raising several thousand dollars to support relief efforts after the January 12 earthquake.

Donations went to support Mission of Hope’s medical clinic Hospital of Hope, which is located north of Port-au-Prince and is functioning, but overwhelmed with need.

The students collected donations online (, at most athletic and fine arts events, and by distributing collection boxes throughout campus.

The group traveled to Haiti as part of North Central’s D-Term. For the second year, the Office of Ministry and Service planned a trip to Haiti to work with Mission of Hope, serving orphans, school children and staff members. As soon as the students heard about the earthquake, they contacted Mission of Hope to help.

The students who participated include Natalie Cummins ’13, Jessica VandenBerg ’12, Taylar Proctor ’11, Jonathan Rainville ’10, Brendan Chaves ’10 and Nicholas Sander ’10. Jamie Walden-Mather, lecturer of human thought and behavior, accompanied the group

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