North Central College - Naperville, IL

Message from the Chairman

As you will see in this redesigned version of North Central College’s Annual Report, we experienced yet another successful year by nearly all measures of success. A balanced budget, healthy enrollment numbers, escalating credit hours in the sciences despite our facilities, national athletic champions and a robust residential campus all reflect an institution poised to continue its success for decades to come.

Last year was not only notable for its financial health but also for its transition in leadership. As we recognized the many accomplishments of Dr. Harold R. Wilde during his 21 years as president, we also embraced the presidency of Dr. Troy D. Hammond, which began January 1, 2013. The campus community and alumni family welcomed Troy at events throughout his early weeks and then joined together for a spectacular Inauguration weekend in May. It was an honor to participate in such a momentous occasion in the history of the College.

The financial results outlined in these pages and the smooth transition of leadership we’ve experienced happened only with the help and enthusiasm of our alumni, faculty, staff, students and, of course, my fellow trustees. I thank you for the role you’ve played in the success of North Central College and look forward to being a part of the brilliant future ahead.


Steven H. Hoeft ’73
Chair, Board of Trustees