North Central College - Naperville, IL

Matt Brill '96

Matt Brill was featured in an occasional series on about what he learned from the college experience. At North Central, Brill was a three-time All-American in cross country, finishing second in 1995 and winning the 1996 title on the 8,000-meter course. He helped the Cardinals to the team title in 1993, when they scored a record-low 32 points, and led North Central to second-place finishes, 1994-1996. He was an eight-time All-American in track, helping the Cardinals to the 1994 outdoor title, and was a two-time GTE Academic All-American. He says, “I was fortunate to be part of Al Carius’ North Central running program. He stressed that running was just one part of our lives, but if we could show it the focus and attention it demanded on a daily basis to be successful, we would find the success method spills over to other parts of our life. Running at the collegiate level knows no off season, and when we were not in racing season we were working the hardest. We trained through rain, Midwest winters, humid summers and sickness because on race day, all that you could control is yourself, and you would need to be conditioned to outside influences and how to minimize their effect on your performance. Now that I’m 36, the correlation between running and life as a father, husband, employee and citizen is much more apparent. That is why I still try to run and attain goals, but they are much more personal in scale.” He now works as an equity and derivatives broker for Tourmaline Partners and has worked in the derivatives business since leaving North Central. He lives in East Coventry, PA, with his wife Maggie Zdziarska ‘99 Brill and two sons.

North Central Now Annual Report 2011