North Central College - Naperville, IL

It's Time to Celebrate!

North Central College is making plans to celebrate its Sesquicentennial! The academic year 2011-2012 promises to be a memorable milestone for the College, with special events, publications and displays on campus designed to remind alumni, students, faculty, friends and community members of the rich traditions that began with the founding of humble Plainfield College 150 years ago in 1861.

Throughout all the communications associated with the Sesquicentennial, you’ll notice the 150th anniversary logo and tagline. The theme “150 Years. A Promising Start” combines a sense of North Central’s proud history with a well-founded optimism in our future.

“The theme reflects the fact that the College’s 150th anniversary honors those men and women who made North Central what it is today,” says Rick Spencer, vice president for institutional advancement. “Through their selfless dedication and hard work, countless alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends have built a foundation solid enough to weather the toughest challenges and to support a future bright with hope and promise.”

Thanks to forward-thinking leaders over the decades, the College has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of students, from Civil War veterans to millennial techno-whizzes. And it has done so while remaining true to its heritage of moral courage and ethical leadership.

The theme is also designed to build momentum for launching a campaign to build a new science center with cutting-edge facilities for preparing future researchers, teachers and health sciences professionals.

“Even as the College celebrates its proud history, we recognize that we must not rest on our laurels,” says Spencer. “The College community has always welcomed thoughtful, forward-thinking change. With the continued support and friendship of our alumni and friends, we will keep building on this legacy for years—even centuries—to come.”

Plan to join us to celebrate this very special time at North Central.

North Central NOW Fall 2010