North Central College - Naperville, IL

Scholarship support is important to the ability of most students to attend North Central, but never more so than in this time of economic hardship for many fami
As the dimensions of the recession of 2008-2009 were becoming evident, some employees in Old Main watched admission numbers; others were monitoring and managing
In a year when competing institutions were experiencing declining enrollments, North Central welcomed another record-setting class of first-year students—544—al
North Central College’s commitment to student-athletes has helped to build an athletic program that ranks among the best of NCAA Division III schools. Cardinal
Mark ’61 and Joyce Carncross ’64 Minor of Nashville, TN, have been traveling the world as Habitat for Humanity volunteers. Mark has helped build homes in Brazil
Seven North Central students traveled to Haiti in December 2009 to work at an orphanage, school and medical center. Little did they know that within a few weeks
Dr. Cornel West, a Princeton University professor, author and lifelong champion for racial justice, was the College’s keynote speaker for Martin Luther King Wee
A faculty candiate recently asked President, Hal Wilde, a question that caught him by suprise: "You've been here about 20 years. How come you're still here?" Th
Kate Smith ’05 Pereda loves to teach science to her fifth-grade pupils in Addison, IL. During the one semester each year that she can even fit the topic into th
In a computer lab in Oesterle Library, elementary education major Kristen Robledo ’11 uses an interactive SMART Board to practice a lesson she’ll give to first