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Ghana Service Trip Inspires Future Medical Student


Daniel Tice ’09, recipient of the 2008 Mironda K. Heston Scholarship for Public Service, used the funds for a medical volunteer program in Ghana.

“I had the most incredible experience of my life in Ghana,” said Tice about his one-month trip. “The culture, the people—both volunteers and Ghanians— the experience in the hospital, my host family, and even the food were all amazing. It’s one of those experiences that would be impossible to come out of unchanged.”

He used the scholarship to partially pay for the Projects Abroad volunteer program, which included his meals, lodging, support services and transportation within the country. Tice chose a developing country because, he said, “I wanted to experience medicine in an area where, without the treatment, that person would have an impaired life or even die” and provide human service to individuals who may otherwise not have access to the care they needed.

“I feel that to be truly successful, a primary aspect of life should include some type of human service. There is no more rewarding endeavor than helping other people,” Tice says.

Tice shadowed a Ghanaian doctor during his rounds and consultations. By week two, under the doctor’s supervision, Tice had the opportunity to perform ultrasounds and abdominal scans, diagnose patients, order medical tests and prescribe medicine.

Tice hopes to one day go to medical school. “I plan to do something in the health care field where I will have the versatility to work both in the States and in developing countries.”

Annual Report 2008

Annual Report 2008