North Central College - Naperville, IL

Charles F. Lee '57

Charles F. Lee wrote a book titled “The Adventures of ICKLE, PACKY, PICKLE and GOOCH,” about the mischievous and hilarious adventures of four grammar school–aged boys growing up in the late 1920s. Designed for young readers as well as adults, the book may also be a walk down memory lane for senior adults who grew up in the late 1920s and early Depression years in the 1930s. Lee received a master’s degree in mass communication from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and served in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Korean War. Following his military service, he spent 14 years in various technical and administrative positions with several contractors of the Atomic Energy Commission, moving from basic research to test site activities in Las Vegas. Following retirement from the Department of Defense, he spent several years researching and recovering many discarded parts and tools from the Civil War era from the Tucker, Sherrard & Company pistol factory site in Lancaster, TX. He has authored numerous articles regarding his recovery work at the factory site for the Texas Gun Collector magazine. He resides in Duncanville, TX, with his wife Dorothy.