North Central College - Naperville, IL

Carol Miller ‘62 Weston

Carol Miller ‘62 Weston continues to develop a music career that has spanned three decades. During the past year, she became part of a three-member cabaret performance group called The Song Sisters, which draws sellout crowds to the Chicago club Davenport’s Piano Bar and Cabaret. “There seems to be a real thirst for that type of music and people support it,” she says.

The trio employs a professional pianist and music director and they have put plenty of rehearsal time into developing their repertoire. Some of the songs Weston performs include “The Lady Is a Tramp,” “Life Is a Bowl of Cherries” and “Being Alive,” which Bernadette Peters sang in October in Wentz Concert Hall. “I’m so glad I got to hear her perform,” adds Weston, who was on campus for her 50th class reunion.

Weston has long been a professional musician and music teacher and helped establish the Chicago Cabaret Professionals organization about 15 years ago. The organization started with a living room conversation and handful of singers. It now numbers about 250 members.

Weston majored in elementary education at North Central and went on to earn a master’s in special education at St. Mary’s College in South Bend, IN. She learned to play guitar in the 1960s and started taking lessons at the Old Town School of Folk Music after she moved to Chicago. She eventually joined the staff as a guitar teacher. She also began teaching in the Old Town School’s Wiggleworms program, providing music classes for young children. And Weston joined Urban Gateways, a program that sends musicians and other artists into schools for enrichment.

Her own performance career took off when she was asked to sing regularly in a cocktail lounge at the Drake Hotel. She would play guitar and sing background music. She was also a regular performer at the restaurant in Lake Point Tower, which overlooks Navy Pier. “I’d teach during the day, go to the Drake from five to eight o’clock, then Lake Point Tower from nine to midnight. It was fun, I really enjoyed it.” In addition, she played piano and sang at the Carlton Club at the Ritz Carlton Hotel for eight years and she has performed cabaret at the Royal George Theatre in Chicago and at Musical Mondays at Drury Lane.

She met her fellow members of The Song Sisters at a community music education program offered by DePaul University. Their first show together was in June 2012 and the group’s goal is to work on doing more promotion. “We’d like to see where it takes us,” she says. Weston may be contacted at