North Central College - Naperville, IL

Campus Community Prepares for Sesquicentennial Celebration

In less than a year—on 11/11/11—North Central College will celebrate its 150th anniversary marking the day students first attended classes on November 11, 1861, at what was then Plainfield College.

Faculty and staff gathered in Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center on 11/11/10 to learn about the goals of the Sesquicentennial celebration, the various events that will mark the historic occasion and the building displays, published books and videos that will document the College's first 150 years.

Members of the campus community received lapel pins with the College's Sesquicentennial logo and tagline. Each pin was attached to a business card that articulates the celebration's five goals, which are engagement, name recognition, resources, cardinal pride and celebration. Rick Spencer, vice president for institutional advancement, reminded the campus community that the College's great history gives us reason to believe we have a great future. "But we shouldn't be overconfident," says Spencer. "There is much work that lies ahead to make North Central an even greater institution."

Spencer referenced the quiet phase of what will be the College's Sesquicentennial Capital Campaign, which will be anchored by fundraising efforts to build a new science facility. "We are looking for a major gift in the next few months so we can enter the public phase of the campaign," says Spencer. "The ultimate goal of everything we do will be to generate the resources we need for new scholarships, endowed chairs and capital projects that will put us in position to succeed the next 150 years." n



Strengthen and build College relationships on campus and off


Boost endowment and raise funds for a new science facility

Name Recognition

Enhance North Central's profile and prestige

Cardinal Pride

Promote a spirit of unity throughout the College and the community


Acknowledge all that's great about North Central now—and all that the future holds!