North Central College - Naperville, IL

Annual Dissinger Awards honor the best

Three professors and two administrative staff members received annual Dissinger Awards for outstanding teaching, scholarship and service.

billBill Muck, assistant professor of political science, and Heather Coon, associate professor of psychology, were named recipients of the Clarence F. Dissinger Award for Junior Faculty and Senior Faculty, respectively. Muck joined the faculty in 2008. Students who nominated him wrote, “Taking his class has been one of the valuable … experiences of my college career,” and “He continues to inspire me and my fellow classmates.”

coonCoon, a member of the faculty since 2000, received high praise from students. “She is one of the most involved professors that I have ever seen on campus, one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of encountering, one of the most influential people in my life.”

cruzThis year’s Clarence F. Dissinger Award for Faculty Scholarship was awarded to Paloma Martinez-Cruz, assistant professor of Spanish. The award recognizes Martinez-Cruz for her newly titled manuscript, “From East L.A. to Anahuac: Women and Knowledge in Mesoamerica,” published by the University of Arizona Press and due in October.

peterPeter Barger and Cheryl Horton were recipients of the Ruth C. Dissinger Awards for administrative manager and administrative support staff, respectively.

As coordinator of North Central’s 2010 Institutional Self-Study, in addition to his roles as director of institutional assessment and accreditation, dean of graduate and continuing education and professor of economics and finance, Barger led the effort to gain reaccreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, making a significant impact on the future of North Central College. Barger has worked at North Central since 1989.

Horton has served as academic affairs secretary since 2006. “She is very much the ‘face’ of North Central College to prospective faculty,” said a nominator. “With multiple faculty searches underway, she coordinated multiple meetings and schedules and always helped job candidates feel welcome and comfortable during their visits.”

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