North Central College - Naperville, IL

Van Oyen and Warfel perform in saxophone recital

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North Central music faculty Lawrence Van Oyen and Jon Warfel
North Central music faculty Lawrence Van Oyen and Jon Warfel

Lawrence Van Oyen, professor of music and director of bands, and Jon Warfel, lecturer in music, performed in a program titled “Saxophonia II” at Eastern Michigan University Feb. 3. The event’s theme focused on World War II and included 15 performances by nine different musicians.

Warfel on piano and Van Oyen on saxophone performed “Sonata Op. 19” by Paul Creston. They played the second and third movements, titled “With Tranquility” and “With Gaiety.” The duo also played a piece titled “Symphonic Rhapsody for the Alto Saxophone,” composed by John Anthony Lennon. For the event’s finale, Van Oyen performed a lengthy, four-piece number, titled “Shepherds of Provence,” with Eastern Michigan professor of music and saxophonist Max Plank.

Van Oyen has been a faculty member at North Central College since 1993. He earned his B.M. from Michigan State University, his M.A. from Eastern Michigan University and his Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska.

Warfel has been a staff accompanist at North Central College since 2002. He is also an organist/choirmaster at First Congregational Church of Elgin, accompanist/assistant director for the Elgin Choral Union and assistant director for the Naperville Chorus.