North Central College - Naperville, IL

Students, staff present at LEV-cosponsored conference on faith, justice and civic learning

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Steve Oliveri
Steve Oliveri

July 1, 2011—North Central College’s Leadership, Ethics and Values (LEV) program recently cosponsored the first National Faith, Justice and Civic Learning Conference with DePaul University, providing students and staff the opportunity to present three sessions on various topics.

Steve Oliveri, a 2011 graduate who majored in interactive media studies and broadcast communication, presented “A More Perfect Union: A Model for Faith-Inspired Social Change Through the Arts” with Jeremy Gudauskas, assistant dean of students, and Whitney Roberts, assistant director of ministry and service.

Molly Link, a 2011 graduate who majored in sociology, presented “Our New Neighbors: Building Relationships with Refugees Beyond the Classroom” with Roberts. Campus Chaplain Lynn Pries presented “The Wesleyan Model for Connecting Spirituality and Social Justice.”

The conference was held June 16-17 at DePaul University in Chicago. North Central’s LEV program will continue to cosponsor the annual conference, which is focused on the integrative significance of faith, justice and civic learning in higher education.
Goals of the conference include sharing research findings about faith, justice, social responsibility, and civic or service-learning; discussing how service learning impacts faith and vocation at both secular and faith-based education institutions; and exploring the role of reflection in connecting faith, service and learning.