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Student who aspires to become a mission doctor recounts visit to Haiti

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Sophomore psychology major Joshua Male was featured in the SouthtownStar newspaper, which recounted his recent experience in Haiti.

In December, Male spent eight days in Haiti with Mission of Hope, where he gained experience painting houses, clearing trash from streets and comforting patients in a prosthetic lab.

The Feb. 19 story described how Male aspires to work as a doctor at a mission. His mother wanted him to know what to expect, and helped connect her son with an acquaintance who makes regular visits to Haiti.

During the visit, Male spent a day helping doctors who were treating a woman who had been left for dead on the side of a road. As the SouthtownStar said, “The experience would have crushed a casual onlooker, but Male said it only strengthened his resolve.”

“Now, I’m really sure this is what I want to do,” he told the newspaper.