North Central College - Naperville, IL

Student-athlete Kevin Gillespie profiled in hometown newspaper

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The Geneseo Republic newspaper profiles student-athlete Kevin Gillespie in a piece that highlights his success with North Central's conference championship-winning basketball team.

Gillespie told his hometown newspaper he chose to play at North Central College because of the coaching staff, the quality education and because the College is halfway between his brothers in Chicago and his family in Geneseo.

“I absolutely love it here. I love North Central, the area and the people. It was the best choice for me,” he said.

He said beating Augustana College to win a share of the conference championship last year was especially rewarding.

“I am the only senior on the team this year so I need to step up and lead and contribute,” he said. “Being the only senior is always the worse case scenario because the coach always looks to the seniors and if something goes wrong it is on the seniors, but I like the challenge.”