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Sheridan publishes article, “A Primer for New Teachers of Economics”

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Brandon Sheridan, assistant professor of economics
Brandon Sheridan, assistant professor of economics

Brandon Sheridan, North Central College assistant professor of economics, coauthored an article in the January 2014 issue of Southern Economic Journal, which is a general-interest economics journal and also the eighth oldest American academic journal in the economic profession. His coauthors are Dr. Jennifer Imazeki of San Diego State University and Dr. Gail Hoyt of the University of Kentucky.

Their article, titled “A Primer for New Teachers of Economics,” offers pedagogical advice and insights that are targeted toward (relatively) new instructors. Although the paper is tailored to the teaching of economics, the topics that are discussed may be generalized to most other disciplines as well. Specifically, the paper addresses ways in which instructors can efficiently and easily implement active-learning pedagogies such as think-pair-share, small-scale cooperative learning, and using various forms of technology. Other topics discussed in the paper include an instructor’s first time in the classroom, course and classroom management, and ways instructors can continue to develop throughout their careers.

Sheridan joined the faculty at North Central in 2012. He earned his B.S. from Centre College and his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Kentucky.