North Central College - Naperville, IL

Senior wins online music video contest

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Interactive media studies senior Nick Penev is one of the newest Internet sensations as the winner of the Red vs. Blue Season 9 Soundtrack Music Video Contest presented by

Penev created a one-of-a-kind music video in less than one month. He and a friend took five days to plan the video and two days to shoot it on North Central College’s Naperville campus using a Cannon 7D DSLR camera. Penev edited it in less than two weeks and posted it to the contest site. Since its debut, Penev has received positive feedback and watched it take the net by storm, receiving more than 32,000 views during its first three weeks and outshining his fellow 267 competitors. Click here to view the work and select the video titled "RvB Season 9 Soundtrack Music Video Contest: 1st Place."

Penev has made movies since high school, but this was his first submission to a contest. His original intent was to see his video published online and is delighted to receive a first-place award.

As a long time follower of the Roost Teeth series Red vs. Blue, Penev says, “I’ve been on the site for four and a half years and have followed it even longer and now my name is recognized there. That’s so surreal.” The whole experience has allowed Penev to step outside his comfort zone while having fun, and he’s included many of his fellow North Central students in the process. In the end, he feels the final product “definitely hit the mark I had in mind.” He plans to add his first-place win on his resume and see what doors it opens for him in the future.

Penev’s film has also been posted to Viewfinder, a student-run multimedia online magazine that’s managed by students enrolled in the interactive media course titled Multimedia Practicum.  

Written by Katie Carpenter ’13, majoring in interactive media studies and Spanish