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Sawyer and students present posters at psychology conference

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Thomas Sawyer, professor of psychology, collaborated with three students and a recent alumna to deliver poster presentations during the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago, May 5-7. One presentation, titled “Facial Masculinity Effects on Personality Judgments,” included biochemistry major and psychology minor Monica Bienias '11 and psychology graduate Isabel Decian ’10, as co-authors. Collaboration with psychology majors Emily Stewart '13 and Abby St. George '12 resulted in a second presentation, titled “Responsibility/Blame Attributions as a Function of Victim/Offender Intoxication.”

Abstract for “Facial Masculinity Effects …”: Participants assessed images digitally manipulated to appear more masculine or feminine along personality dimensions stereotypically considered masculine, feminine, or gender neutral. More masculine images were judged as more aggressive and higher in risk-taking, while more feminine images were considered more empathic and altruistic, as well as happier and more extraverted. Photo, from left: Bienias, Decian, Sawyer

Abstract for “Responsibility/Blame Attributions …”: Participants judged responsibility/blame after reading scenarios of a sexual encounter within which victim intoxication, offender intoxication, and victim emotions were manipulated. Intoxicated offenders were judged less responsible/blameworthy, while victim and offender intoxication interacted to influence victim responsibility/blame. Finally, responsibility/blame attributions were unaffected by the victim's emotional response to the encounter. Photo, from left: Stewart, Sawyer, St. George