North Central College - Naperville, IL

Raymond Treonis earns College's 2012 Outstanding Major in Social Science/History Award

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Raymond Treonis
Raymond Treonis

May 16, 2012—Raymond Treonis of Naperville was awarded the 2012 Outstanding Major in Social Science/History Award during Honors Day May 15 at North Central College.

Treonis is a senior majoring in social science/history with a minor in interactive media studies. He is the son of Norbert Treonis and a graduate of Naperville North High School.

As a senior, Treonis worked to make historic images and information about North Central College available on Ann Durkin Keating, the College’s Dr. C. Frederick Toenniges Professor of History, invited Treonis to undertake the effort on behalf of the College, which is observing the 150th anniversary of its 1861 founding.

“I think Dr. Keating asked me to help because of my interactive media interests,” Treonis said. “I have a passion to find ways to get people engaged with history, to make it more accessible and enjoyable and compatible with the ways people learn today.”
The project afforded Treonis the opportunity to research historical archives and make the information accessible to a worldwide community.