North Central College - Naperville, IL

Political science professor cited in report on Tea Party, Occupy movements

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Occupy Naperville
Occupy Naperville

Stephen Maynard Caliendo, North Central College associate professor of political science, is cited in a Sunday, Nov. 6 Daily Herald article about how the Tea Party and Occupy movements are spurring citizen involvement in America's political process.

Caliendo told the newspaper his North Central students are watching both the Tea Party and the Occupy movements with great interest.

“We’ve had a tremendous drought of people really being active in politics—not just in voting, but in terms of being intellectually engaged,” Caliendo said. “People are definitely engaged again.”

The article also quotes Caliendo describing how grassroots movements originate.

“Most social movements start with this agitation as a result of a perception of people being left out,” the article quotes Caliendo as saying. “The question will be at some point whether or not the frustration becomes focused into something more tangible — something that can be accomplished.”