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North Central College student studies in Germany, interns at brewery

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Louis Waldmeir, a junior majoring in German, history of ideas
Louis Waldmeir, a junior majoring in German, history of ideas

Louis Waldmeir, a North Central College junior, is living, studying and working in Heidelberg, Germany, through mid-December. He’s taking classes in German at the Universitat Heidelberg—one of the 50-plus study abroad programs North Central offers its students—and working at an organic German brewery as part of an internship.

Waldmeir is majoring in German and minoring in history of ideas at North Central and is a resident of Dubuque, Iowa.

His internship takes him to the Brauerei Zum Klosterhof (Brewery at the Monastery), a completely organic Heidelberg brewery located in the courtyard of a monastery, which dates back to the 12th century and is still home to 15 monks. Waldmeir helps in many facets of the brewery’s operations, from assisting in the actual brewing process to the organization, transportation and delivery of the finished product to customers in the area and around the world.

Waldmeir’s choice to study abroad in Heidelberg, Germany, was a natural progression of his studies at North Central College. Studying and working abroad not only gives him valuable work experience, but also provides unique exposure to a foreign culture and dramatically enhances his language and speaking skills. The Universitat Heidelberg helped Waldmeir secure his internship as part the study program.
“This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says Waldmeir, “and a great example of the doors that can open for you by choosing to study abroad and choosing to study a foreign language.”