North Central College - Naperville, IL

North Central College nationally recognized as a College of Distinction for 2012-2013

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North Central College is being nationally recognized as a College of Distinction for 2012-2013.

Colleges of Distinction is a college guide that considers the views of guidance counselors, educators and admissions professionals to honor colleges that excel in four areas of undergraduate education: student engagement in the educational process, great teaching, vibrant learning communities and successful outcomes.

“North Central is an historic and vibrant Midwestern college where students are constantly challenged with opportunities to study around the world, complete unparalleled research projects or gain valuable skills through internships,” the guide says.

North Central College offers “the best of both worlds,” the guide says, by providing students unique advantages without the downsides common at large universities or remote small schools.

“One of the best comprehensive liberal arts colleges in the nation, North Central blends the highly personalized qualities of a small college with the diversity of a large university. Here students collaborate with faculty who are passionate about teaching and skilled in their disciplines, and benefit from a curriculum that prepares them to think, speak and write clearly,” the guide says.

Colleges of Distinction bases its findings on surveys of college admission experts around the country and interviews with staff and faculty at each accepted college. Qualitative factors considered include student engagement and quality of teaching, and the guide also takes into account such quantitative data as graduation rates and class sizes.

Colleges of Distinction says its schools are nationally recognized by education professionals, strongly focused on teaching undergraduates, home to a wide variety of innovative learning experiences, have an active campus with many opportunities for personal development and highly valued by graduate schools and employers for outstanding preparation.

North Central College’s full description may be viewed here. Visit to learn more.

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