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North Central College alumnus shares wisdom, expertise on video game development

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Computer science professor Stephen Renk, left, and Ross Przybylski '05.
Computer science professor Stephen Renk, left, and Ross Przybylski '05.

May 4, 2012—You can accomplish just about anything you can imagine if you try hard enough, entrepreneur and video game developer Ross Przybylski told an audience at North Central College.

Przybylski, a 2005 graduate of North Central College, hosted the April 25 presentation, “How To Become Your Own Game Developer With Adobe Flash.” He told the audience of students and community members how he used Adobe Flash to develop the game “Hero Mages,” a cross-platform, multiplayer Web and mobile game.

“Hero Mages” has won multiple competitive awards and has amassed a community of more than 8,000 registered players. It’s been featured in the Apple App Store and Przbylski has sold more than 1,000 units through Apple since the game’s launch.

His “steps to success” advice to students included choosing the right tools for the job and focusing on one challenge at a time.

“Tying all these pieces together is of course the golden rule: Let passion motivate you,” he said. “If you don’t have passion for what you do, you’ll never get far. That’s what it takes to develop a game like this, on top of having a family, friends and a full-time job.”

Another bit of wisdom he shared with students is that “an impossible task becomes possible when you break it up into smaller, manageable tasks.”

As a student at North Central, Przybylski learned to work with Adobe Flash software. He says the experience forever changed his life. He demonstrated how his game works on any platform, including a desktop personal computer, Apple iPad and Android smart phone.

“Success is the result of endless trying, and passion is the greatest motivator,” he said.

Przybylski is a 10-year veteran of the software industry who has worked as an artist, designer, developer, team leader and solutions analyst. He is founder and manager of D20Studios, LLC, a company that builds simple and engaging games for web and mobile devices. He also is director of Flash development for eLearning provider Reflection Software, where he leads a production team and engineers tools for creating interactive learning content. He studied computer science at North Central College, graduating in 2005 with a major in philosophy and a minor in history of ideas. Visit to learn more about the presenter.

“I hope we’re able to bring in many speakers to share their experience and knowledge,” said Stephen Renk, professor of computer science, coordinator of interactive media studies and coordinator of academic computing and instructional technology.

Przybylski studied computer science at North Central College, graduating with a major in philosophy and a minor in history of ideas.

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