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North Central College alumna recognized for work as a police officer

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Aurora Beacon-News photo
Aurora Beacon-News photo

Oct. 12, 2011—Liz Robinson-Chan, an alumna who was an All-American student-athlete at North Central College, is being recognized for her work as an Aurora police officer.

Robinson-Chan was featured in the Aurora Beacon-News for being named a finalist in the “Our Towns, Our Heroes” program sponsored by General Motors. The award recognizes firefighters, paramedics and police officers for exceptional service. She was nominated by fellow officer Nydia Ramirez for her dedication on and off the job. She’s been an Aurora police officer since 1993.

“(Robinson-Chan) is an Aurora police officer who truly cares about everyone she meets,” Ramirez wrote. “She will literally take whatever she has and give it away to a person who is in need. She is dedicated to helping others, and if she doesn’t have it she will purchase and donate brand new items even to people she knows absolutely nothing about. As a co-worker, she is always available and at hand to help with any given task at any time, even during her time off.”

Robinson-Chan earned her undergraduate degree in sociology/criminal justice from North Central College in 1993. She competed as a member of the women’s track and field team and was recognized as an All-American. She completed her MBA at North Central in 2006 while undergoing treatment for a brain tumor.