North Central College - Naperville, IL

MAEd alumna Regina Leeberg named to administrative post

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Regina Leeberg, who earned her master’s of education (MAEd) degree in leadership  and administration at North Central College, is director of Pre K-5 Literacy and Social Studies at Valley View School District (VVSD) 365U, which serves Bolingbrook and Romeoville.

Her newly created position with VVSD will place Leeberg in direct contact with teachers and building principals as she serves as a resource to help them help students achieve.

“I have to be in classrooms. I have to be walking the halls. I have to be in the lunchrooms. I have to see what’s happening at parent events,” she said in a story the school district posted to TribLocal. “I will be a good resource for helping both teachers and principals achieve Mr. Mitchem’s (VVSD Superintendent) visions of increasing rigor, differentiation and ensuring our students achieve their goals.”

Leeberg is excited by what she has seen since she joined VVSD in July.

“I’m seeing a consistent theme throughout our elementary schools…and that’s the passion the principals have for student learning,” she said. “All of their decisions seem be based on whether the decision will have a positive impact on student learning.

“I’m also seeing a move away from thinking about what we do as teachers by constantly analyzing how we deliver a lesson to simply asking if kids are learning,” she added. “And if they’re not learning, asking how we can change that instruction to ensure they are learning.”
Leeberg has experience with both the new Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment program and Professional Learning Communities, both of which will play significant roles in the changes being undertaken in VVSD.

“I really believe in my heart that the number one factor in student learning isn’t the student’s socio economic background or the level of education of their parents,” she said. “It basically comes down to the teachers standing day-in and day-out in front of the students.

“I’m dedicated to making students positive contributing members of the 21st Century,” she added. “If they are prepared to do that, they will automatically be lifelong learners.”