North Central College - Naperville, IL

Local historian publishes column about College’s origins in Plainfield

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Plainfield College
Plainfield College

Local historian Michael Lambert writes in Plainfield Patch about 19th century people and events that preceded the College’s origins in Plainfield.

“Although North Central College is officially 150 years old this week, the school has been a Naperville institution for a mere 141 years,” Lambert writes.

Lambert is an architect who can trace his family’s Plainfield roots back to the mid-1840s. He’s the founding chairman of the Will County Historic Preservation Commission and the Plainfield Historic Preservation Commission, a past member of Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council and a member and past president of the Plainfield Historical Society.

His original research for the column uncovers previously unpublished details about Plainfield families and German Evangelicals whose actions led to College’s founding in Plainfield and the selection of Augustine A. Smith to be the institution’s first president.

“Smith played a key role in the developmental stages of Plainfield College,” Lambert writes. “Smith was fervent in his convictions about Christian principles, temperance, the abolition of slavery, and a woman’s right to equal education.”